In the Far East, leaves fall in the winter, but the flowers are in glorious bloom once again in the spring. This is illustrative of death and birth in the Pure Land. This is a natural cycle, something we accept.



Bishop:  Dr.  Joji Atone

Head Minister: Rev. Kodo Tanaka

We are a Buddhist Temple of the Pure Land School (Jodo Shu) based in Los Angeles. We have served a predominantly Japanese-American community for nearly seventy-five years and are expanding our reach to include non-Japanese followers in Los Angeles and around the world.

We are building a “virtual congregation” and would be honored to receive requests, questions, and insights from non-Buddhists and non-Japanese. If you are interested in or have questions about Jodo Shu Buddhism, please contact us at info@jodoshuna.org.

Pure Land Buddhism of Honen(1133-1212), a form of Mahayana Buddhism known in Japan as Jodo Shu, teaches how it is possible to detach from the perpetual cycle of rebirth in the Six Delusive Worlds of transmigration and be born in the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha through the recitation of His sacred name. One who attains birth in the Pure Land will engage in the bodhisattva practices without difficulty and eventually realize Enlightenment. Pure Land Buddhism was designed to save everyone, without distinction of sex, age, status, or education. Birth in the Pure Land is achieved through the recitation of the name of Buddha Amitabha in the phrase “Namu Amida Butsu” – I take refuge in Buddha Amitabha.”