As in every religion, sutra chanting and “prayer” are important components of Jodo Shu. While nembutsu is the foundation of Jodo Shu practice, prayer is also encouraged to both honor Amida Buddha and to reflect on the grace of the Pure Land.

Complete daily prayer (otsutome): Recite at home or at the temple to strengthen your practice and faith. Phonetic transcript along with English translation.

Single Sheet Covenant (Ichimai Kishomon): Sometimes recited during otsutome and often at formal services, Ichimai Kishomon is a record of Honen’s essential teachings dictated by Honen Shonin to his disciple Genchi two days before his passage to the Pure Land. Ichimai Kishomon restates the fundamental merit in the simple, unstudied recitation of nembutsu.

Prayer Request: Request a personal prayer for yourself, family, loved ones both living and deceased. Each prayer is lovingly dedicated and a hand-written tablet will be sent to you by the ministers of Jodo Shu.