Welcome to Jodo Shu North America, where East meets West in celebration of Amida Buddha and Pure Land Buddhism. Here is a listing of prayers and memorial services that we can officiate, either at our temple in Downtown Los Angeles, or at your home. Residents living out of state or country can also request prayers and services. We’ll conduct the service remotely and mail memorial tables to your door.

Please click here for a prayer request, or contact us via phone or email to schedule a prayer or service. Questions about our in-person or remote services? Call or email us; we are happy to provide you with details about your unique, custom service.

Prayers and Memorial Services (observed at the temple and /or home)

Prayer Services
*The Safe Delivery of Babies
*Blessing for Children
*Shichi go san (Special Blessing for Children at the age of 3, 5 and 7)
*Success in Scholastic Performance
*Prosperity for Family
*House Blessing
*Blessing for Traffic Safety

Ceremonies and Rituals
*Buddhist Wedding Ceremony
*Kikyo-shiki (Initiation Ceremony for Embracing Buddhism)
*Mizuko Kuyo (Memorial Service for Early Deceased or Unborn Children)
*Graveside Service
*Enshrinement Service (with Buddha Statuette, Family Altar & Memorial Tablets)
*Monthly Home Service (Daily Practice and Memorial Services)
*Ancestor Worship (Anniversary and Monthly Memorial Services)
*Jobon Kuyo (Ritual of Symbolic Cremation of old religious items)

Services for the Congregation – Calendar of Events
Memorial Anniversary Reference Guide